Promask2 Full Face Mask


Promask2 is a twin filter face mask for use with a pair of Pro2 filters. Promask2 features a non-allergenic silicone face piece with wide T-bar sealing edge, transparent inner mask with two inhalation valve, 5-point adjustable harness with quick release plastic buckles, speech diaphragm, and panoramic visor.

The Promask2 is available in two sizes: M (standard size) and S (Small)

The Inner Mask is made from non-allergenic silicone. The visor is polycarbonate PC. A hard-coated scratch resistant visor: polycarbonate PC-HC, is also available.

Face blank:  Silicone
Inner mask:  Silicone; transparent liquid silicone
Visor:  Polycarbonate and optional PC HC (hard coated on both sides for scratch and solvent resistance)
Visor frame: Polybutyleneterephtalate PBTE (thermoplastic polyester) reinforced
Head harness:  Silicone
Buckles:  Polyamide (PA)
Valve discs:  Silicone


Scott’s Promask, a multi-function full face mask provides unrivalledcomfort and protection against a wide variety of respiratory hazards.Already proven in a wide variety of industrial applications, Promaskutilises a T-profile faceseal design, which provides a highly efficientseal with minimal pressure on the face. Computer designed air pathchannels provide exceptionally low airflow resistance, reducing fatigue even for long periods of use.Promask incorporates a wide panoramic visor to maximise the fieldof vision and a front mounted speech diaphragm for easycommunication with colleagues. An optional hard coated visor isavailable to enhance resistance to scratching and solvents. The clearinner mask increases wearer acceptability and presents a user-friendlyappearance to others.Promask is available in Procomp®, a durable halo-butyl elastomer,or ultra-soft silicone and is produced in a choice of two sizes to ensuresuitability for a wide range of users.

Professional fit and comfort
• The respirator features a unique, contoured T-profile sealing edge for superior fit, while asweat port in the chin pocket provides added comfort during extended periods of wear.
• The special inner mask reduces CO2-content (< 0.5 %) within the mask to a minimum, thereby decreasing user fatigue.
• The design prevents the visor from misting by directing the airflow across the visor.
• The positioning of the filter reduces the likelihood of neck strain and permits good downwardvisibility.

Professional protection
• The new PromaskSil is moulded in non-allergenic liquid silicone compound, combining the comfort and flexibilty of silicone with durability and a long service life.
• The halo-butyl compound of the Promask black provides unmatched resistance to chemicals,ozone ageing, and to daily wear and tear.
• The inner mask is made from non-allergic silicone – specially chosen for its chemical resistance and wearer acceptance.
• All valves are made from flexible, long-life silicone.
• Highly efficient speech diaphragm provides clear communication, thereby enhancing safety

Approvals:PromaskBlack(halo-butylcompound)isfully approvedand CEcertifiedtoEN136class3. EC-type examinedbyBGIA,ID:0121,Nr981135(Promaskblack) Nr.021018(PromaskHC).

Scott Health & Safety Make Full Face Mask – Vision 2

The visor offers the wearer a virtually unrestricted (98%) field of vision and is optically perfect to prevent any visual distortion. This has huge benefits in user acceptance and comfort. Molded in polycarbonate, it provides eye and face protection and is hard coated to offer excellent solvent and scratch resistance for a long service life.

Material: Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) face seal.
AIR FLOW MANAGEMENT: The inner half mask is moulded in anti-dermatitis TPE.
Filter Range: RFF2000 the twin RF600 ranges includes particle, gas and combination filters. In some combinations the particle and gas components are stackable and can be replaced independently.
APPROVALS: CE Certified to EN136, EN141 and EN143.
Assigned Protection Factor (BS4275) –40 with P3 filter, 20 with Gas filter. CE 0086, ISO 9001:2000, Certificate No. FM 00932

SARI Full Face Mask

The Sari full face mask is renowned for its high standards of safety, reliabilityand comfort. Sari has established itself internationally as a household name in modern, technically advanced respiratory protection. Scott Health & Safety provides a complete range of CE approved particle, gas and combined filters.

  • High-class materials: Soft, flexible and chemically resistant materials giving longer life and user comfort, Reinforced thermoplastic visor frame is easily replaceable, The visor is available in three material options to meet various requirements of hazardous environments
  • Excellent vision: Large and distortion-free visor gives the wearer a panoramic field of vision

APPROVALS: EN 136 and carries a CE mark. CE0121.
Sari full face mask is fully tested and approved to EN 136 and carries a CE mark. CE0121.

Technical Specifications:-

FEATURE EN 136 requirement Result for Scott Mask.
Breathing resistance ( Inhalation)
@ air flow 30 l/min Max 0.5 mbar 0.2 mbar
@ air flow 95 l/min Max 1.5 mbar 1.1 mbar
(Exhalation.) Max 3.0mbar 1.3 mbar
CO2 Content Max 1.0% 0.8%
Temperature Range -40 to 100 C
Field of Vision
Effective Min 70% 77%
Overlapped Min 80% 84%


Scott Safety\’s M98 full face mask outperforms the exacting requirements set by police and first responders in critical situations. Designed specifically for protection against hazardous CBRN agents, its slim-line design allows easy integration with police helmets and visors.

The elastomer compound of the face piece features excellent high temperature, chemical and ozone resistance as well as impermeability to gases.

The M98 full face mask can be fitted with Scott\’s 40 mm thread, EN, NIOSH and NATO approved CBRN canisters.

  • Lightweight mask with panoramic visor
  • Hypoallergenic elastomer construction for comfort
  • Easy-to-use hose less drinking device
  • Spectacle frame for prescription lenses is easily secured to the ori-nasal mask
  • 40 mm filter connector accepts NATO-type thread canister
  • Designed for simple decontamination, disinfection and maintenance
  • Unique T-profile sealing edge for secure fit


The Scott Pro2000 canister fiter range offers a wide choice of filters for specific respiratorychallenges, providing high quality and cost efficient protection. Highest specification filter media andmaterials ensure durability and reliability in the most demanding applications.

Combining low weight and low breathing resistance, ScottPro2000 filters are manufactured using superior performancemedia, giving extended adsorption capacity for gas andcombined filters and unrivalled efficiency for the particle element.


Pro2000 filters are fully EN approved to the latest standards,marked ‘R’ for re-usable (EN 143:2000/ A1:2006), CE certified,and connect via a 40 mm EN148-1 thread. CE approvals: EN143,EN14387. CE0121.

View data Sheet for further details.