Scott:SIGMA 2: SCBA: Self Contain Breathing Apparatus

Scott Health & Safety have over 75 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of Respiratory Protection Equipment. The Scott Sigma 2 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus combines the highest level of respiratory protection in a simple to operate, cost effective piece of equipment that meets the needs of Industrial and Marine users. Sigma 2’s proven durability, reliability and appeal is confirmed by an extensive user base who demand a combination of maximum performance and true operational simplicity.

  • Proven high performance pneumatic system
  • Compact first breath activated demand valve with bypass
  • Ergonomically designed lightweight back plate and harness
  • Flame retardant webbing with Kevlar cylinder band
  • Wide choice of facemasks from the Vision 3, Promask PP and Panaseal ranges
  • Corrosion resistant Nickel plated components
  • Simple operation for users
  • All components are user serviceable, low cost and easy to maintain
  • Will accept wide range of 200 and 300 bar cylinders

Pneumatic System

  • The heart of the Sigma 2 set is asimple and reliable two-stagepneumatic system.
  • A first breath activated positivepressure demand valve provideslow breathing resistance andexcellent dynamic performance –particularly at high flow rates.
  • A first stage pressure reducingvalve features only two movingparts and accepts cylinderspressures of up to 300 barwithout adjustment.
  • A cylinder connector assemblywith standard breathing airthread is fitted, with an easilyremoved bronze filter to protectthe pneumatics.
  • The system includes a shouldermounted combined pressureindicator with photo-luminescentface markings for low-lightlegibility and a robust stainless steel and polycarbonate casewith a protective rubber shroud.
  • A warning whistle has anoperating pressure of 55 bar.
  • All Scott respiratory protection equipment is designed to the same exacting standards: to be simple and comfortable to use, robust andeasy to maintain. With respiratory protective equipment experience all over the world.


Scott Sigma 2 type 2 is CE Marked and Certified to EN 137: 2006 type 2.
Scott Make Vision 3 Full Vision Full Face Mask CE Marked and Certified to EN 136 Class 3.

SCOTT: PROPAK SCBA: High Performance Protection

Scott’s Breathing Apparatus is renowned for its highperformance, rugged dependability and cutting edgetechnology.For over 30 years its innovative engineering andcustomer led product evolution has enabled the range toadapt, respond and predict the ever changing needs ofprofessional fire services around the world.With over one million firefighters worldwide trusting inScott’s equipment and backed by dedicated customersupport, Scott’s SCBA is the firefighters preferred choice.The Scott Propak is the latest lightweight self-contained breathing apparatus from Scott Health & Safety and offers the highest levels of respiratory protection available.

Setting the standard Approved to prEN137: 2002 class II, incorporating the stringent Flame Engulfment Test, Propak is refined to a level of performance demanded by the professional firefighter.

100% Kevlar webbing with wrap-around harnesses
• The highest possible specification providing the highest level of flame retardancy. Trusted and proven high performance pneumatics
• Supplies exceptionally high airflow, simple to maintain and fully user serviceable. Rapid connect cylinder band:  Allows adjustment or change out of cylinder in seconds.Tempest demand valve: Proven performance anddependability
•Comfortable andresponsive delivery of air
• Easy to breathe.
Approvals: CE Marked in accordance with EN: 137: 2002: Class II CE Marked in accordance with EN: 139- sets fitted with airline attachment AS 1716.

SCOTT: CEN-PAQ: Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

  • Designed for ease of donning, the Cen-Paq range is used where speed of response is the key issue.
  • Cen-paqs one sized waistcoat allows it to be used where full sized SCBA may be too bulky.
  • Cen-Paq is suitable for snatch rescue, intervention and rescue applications.

Key Features
Proven, effective pneumatic system with first breath mechanism for use with PanaSeal/PanaVisor or Vision 3 facemasks Available in Anti-Static Material
Approvals: CE marked to EN137 & EN139
EN137 Open circuit self-contained compressed air breathing apparatus
EN139 Open circuit airline compressed air breathing apparatus
EN136 Full facemasks for respiratory protective devices
AS1716 Australian approval for respiratory protective equipment.

TrolleyMounted Breathing Apparatus


TrolleyMounted Breathing Apparatus with Steel Cylinder 6liters / 300 Bar:
Trolley Mounted Breathing Apparatus to attach two cylinder with 30 Meter hose
(Total Length 50 Meters) & Full face mask for two men use.

A long duration mobile compressed Air Breathing System for supplying breathing
air from interchangeable high pressure, high capacity cylinders.

Trolley: The Airline Trolley Systems is robust, made of stainless steel tubularstructure mounted on four heavy-duty castors/wheels. A steel drum is provided with
30 mtrs breathing hose and further provided Y piece and 20 mtr hose for 2 men use
(total 50 Meter). Good quality L.P Hose crimped with quick release coupling suitable to attach with Demand Valve & Facemask. The Trolley is designed to accommodate two Cylinders (Water capacity – 6 Liters/300 Bar.) The total effective duration is 1.5 Hours

SOTT: ELSA: Emergency Life Support Apparatus

Renowned as the world’s leading Constant flowescape set, the ELSA (Emergency Life SupportApparatus) from Scott Health & Safety is designedfor rapid escape from hazardous industrial andmarine environments.Now in its third generation, Emergency LifeSupport Breathing Apparatus is a concept originallypioneered by Scott Health & Safety under its SabreBreathing Apparatus brand and the original designprinciples continue to this day.The current design is simple and quick to operate,reliable and robust in use and performs to thelatest European Standard EN1146. ELSA HOOD

The uniquely designed hood isfabricated from PVC coatedmaterials with an ozone resistant neck-seal.The three sided flat visorallows the hood to be flatpacked avoiding creases tothe visor and allowing rapidremoval from the bag. The large visor area providesexcellent peripheral visionwith the hood offering a feeling of unrestrictedcomfort.An inner mask preventsmisting and minimizes Carbon.

ELSA features
•10 or 15 minute versions
• Standard Hi Vis or black anti-static bag
• Automatic quick fire activation
• Unique cubic hood design
•CE marked in accordance with EN1146


Based on the triedand trusted SabreELSA emergencylife supportapparatus, theELSA SPRINTpositive pressureescape breathingapparatus offerssimplicity androbustness combined with performance to European StandardEN402. Available in 400 and 600 litres breathing aircapacity, the ELSA SPRINT reflects Sabre’s statedphilosophy of producing products which customers wear bychoice, not just necessity.

The ELSA Sprint rangeoffers durations of 10 and 15minutes and is available ineither facemask or positivepressure hood options

Lightweight PanaSealpositive pressure facemaskapproved to EN136 Class 3.
Molded in non-dermatitisNeoprene or silicone andfitted with an optically clear, impact resistant polycarbonate visor. Anti-Static coating, speech diaphragmand side mounted, quick-fit demand valve connection is standard. Supplied withhead harness.

The high visibility cuboidhood incorporates an opticallyclear visor to ensure all roundvision. An elastometric neckseal ensures easy donningover spectacles, long or facialhair. A small orinasal maskcontrols the rebreathed CO2.

Compact, automatic positivepressure, first breath activateddemand valve. Unique servoassisted mechanism providessuperior dynamic and flowperformance characteristics.Quick-fit coupling to maskor hood connection withsecondary locking catch.

Manufactured in light alloyand finished with an orangeanodized protective coating.The low profile pressureindicator is fitted with a burstdisc assembly to protect thevalve. An EN144 outlet isfitted with rust tube and manual or automatic valveopening mechanism.

Worn in chest or bandoliermode, the high visibilitycarrying bag is available in flame retardant/chemicalsplash resistant material orthe optional black anti-staticmaterial for use in potentiallyexplosive atmospheres.
SCBA set Storage Facility.

“Green Arrow” FRP Box: FRP Box suitable to SCBA set Storage Facility. Wall mounting.