Barricaded tape size 3.25 Width double side printed

Product Code – ABPR1035
• Thickness: 40 Microns(160Guage)
• Width: 3.25 Inch
• Material: Polyethylene
• Material Type: Non- crushable, non-adhesive and non-hygroscopic.
• Color : Red and White / Black & Yellow
• Each Roll : 500 mtr / 1000 mtr
• Printed : STOP, Work In Progress & Danger Logo

LED Head Lamp :
• Material: Plastic Head Lamp body and nylon head strap.
• Color: Black and Yellow.
• Features: Use 3 AA 1.5V batteries. Super Bright Light. Battery life 18 hours continues illumination. Suitable to fit on helmet and on head also.
• Standard Packing : 120 Pcs Cartoon
• Retail Packing : 01 Pcs
• Application: suitable for Mine works and Dark Places.

Full Size Dome Mirror – Size – 26”
The full dome mirror is a round security mirror that is most easily described as half a basketball. This safety mirror provides a 360 degree view. Our dome mirrors offer a crisp, full viewing area from all sides.

Half Size Dome mirror – Size – 26”
The half dome mirror is a rounded mirror with a 180 degree view. To get a better feel for the shape of a half dome mirror imagine this: take half a basketball and place it flat side up then cut it in half vertically – the result would be representative of two half dome mirrors.



Sizes option Available: 45cm, 60cm, 80cm & 100 cm
Product Code – ABMX1040
Features of Convex Mirror:
1. Polycarbonate Convex Mirrors ideal for usage at Blind Spots, Parking roads & by lanes.
2. They can also be used at toll collection centers& inside shops for greater all round view.
3. The mirrors are light weight & come with fixtures.
4. Eco friendly as these do not emit toxic fumes on burning.
5. Single piece polycarbonate used for greater damage resistance.
6. FRP is used in making brim & back holding plates.
7. 1.5MM lens

Sizes option Available: 45cm, 60cm, 80cm & 100 cm

• At blind corners
• Aisles & Corridors
• Showrooms & Store Surveillance
• Driveways & Garage
• Give best all round view for traffic prevention
• Mining Areas (Especially for Cement Industries)

Trolley Mirror

Under Trolley convex mirror having flexible handle with LED torch. Three trolley wheels provided for easy accessibility for under carriages inspections.

Mirror having 1.5 MM lens in convex form with strong rubberized border at rim.

Dia: 11”

Directional baton code “2.6 RG”


1. Directional baton coded “2.6RG” is 10” in size having a ‘white’ color reflective sheet placed inside the baton.
2. The baton will be spreading a bright glossy reflection when light falls on to it, even when the baton is turned off.
3. The baton will have red color static & flickering mode followed with green color static mode.
4. The body of the baton is made up of polycarbonate material which makes the baton long lasting.
5. The baton has got a magnetic base i.e. one can place it on any iron metal surface and carry on with work.
6. Handle Grip : 4”
7. Diameter : 1”, Display : 6”
8. Batteries : AA R6 3 Cells

PE Bollards with white Reflective Strips

Its made up of raw material such as Poly Urethane mixed with specially developed material with strong & resistance against crashes & shocks.

Our Bollards are widely used in sharp curves, no entry zones & dangerous median & ‘U’ Turn areas & for centre lane dividing for narrow roads.Bollards that prevent the entry of vehicles into an area or simply protect buildings from accidental damage.

Bollards that are shaped like a cylinder. The cap is domed, angled or flat.Bollards that can withstand vehicular impact. These are often used in applications requiring high security, such as governmental buildings, prisons, corporate headquarters, airports, power generation facilities, and applications related to homeland security.These can be also customized as per the requirement of clients.

Height: 77cm (With Base), Dia: 25cm, Base: 61cm/

Rubber Corner Guard (Heavy Weight)

Features of rubber corner guards:
• Yellow & Black, attractive in the day & night
• Embedded with highly reflective all weather resistance reflective material
• Manufactured from flexible & high strength rubber
• Easy installation and durable product
• International standard bright colours effectively catch the drivers
• Fixing is with 6mm anchor bolts.
• Size: 900 mm

Safety Cone
750mm LDPE Height with 4” Reflective Tape,
Color: Orange color
Make : ACME Or Equivalent spill

Traffic & Construction Safety Cones
Height: 750mm
Base Size: 380mm X 380mm
Weight: 2.5Kgs.

Traffic & Construction Safety Cones
Height: 1000mm
Base Size: 490mm X 490mm
Weight: 5.0Kgs.

Fully Reflective & Fully Flexible EPDM Cone
Cone Height: 700 MM
Base Size: 400mm X 400mm
Reflective Material: R&W HIP Sleeve
Weight: 2.75 Kgs.

Traffic safety cone with rubber base

Material: LDPE Non Crushable & Fitted with 100 mm reflective sleeve and rubber Ring is Fitted at Bottom.
Size – Height 740mm and Bottom 385 X 385 SQ mm.
Color – Red
Features: Easy to stack and storages 2.2kg. Special rubber ring At bottom Provided for better grip to ground
Weight : 3.5 kg
Standard Packing : 15 pc
Retail packing : 10 pc
Application: Suitable for civil defense traffic management, shopping malls, Multiplex, road & highway construction, etc,

Speed Retarders / Humps
Middle Section Size: L250 X W 350 H H 50mm
Middle Section Weight: 1.5Kgs Per Pc (Without Filling)
End Cap Size: L 190 X W 350 X H 50mm
End Cap Weight: 0.8 Kgs Per Pc.

Speed Retarders / Humps
Middle Section Size: L500 X W 425 X H 75mm
Middle Section Weight: 14Kgs Per Pc (Without Filling)
End Cap Size: L 200 X W 425 X H 75mm
End Cap Weight: 2.8 Kgs Per Pc.

Rubber Speed breaker

MATERIAL Speed breaker modules shall be made from 100% recycled rubber and a two-part polyurethane binder making the speed breaker impervious to motor fuels, oils, solvents, road salts and outdoor environment. The rubber shall be obtained from recycled truck and tractor tire treads only (which is all rubber as compared to car tires which contain synthetic rubber).
Mix Fabricating material Speed breaker :
Size: 1000mm X 350mm X 50mm
Weight capacity approx 30 tons.
Available in this design



Higher quality rubberized Speed Breaker:

Size: 500mm X 400mm X 75m with Red CAT Eyes

AK 1005A – Plastic Speed Bumps
Plastic Speed Bumps are highly resistance to severe impacts and harsh weather conditions made up of “STUDLY” plastic, its dovetail interlocking subunit make it bind perfectly into one firm bump. The pre -colored material (Black & yellow) and UV stabilized keep them perpetually colourful. Studded with reflectors on both side, they are clearly visible to the motorists during night hours.
With loading capacity of 40 tons weight.
Dimension: 250 X 350 X 50 mm


Plastic Caution
yellow colour
2.5 feet height approx.
Non fading and Good quality plastic

Water Filler barrier
Dimension : 2100 mm X 600 mm X 840 mm
L W H Road barrier

model no. VT 191
Size : (H) 1000 mm
(L) 1600 mm
(W) 600 mm

Truck wheel Chowk – Rubber
Height of the wheel Chowk is 175 mm
Length of the wheel chowk is 240 mm
And Round shape size is 260 mm

Delineator post
Model : AK 941
Aktion Spring post (CE Approved) made up of special flexible material (Poly-Urethane). It can be quickly restored to its original shape without any damage to spring post as well as vehicles in case of high speed collisions. UV stabilized so that it is not getting discoloured.
Reflective Band 75mmx3 & Base 200mm,
Colour: Red
Dimensions:Pole Size:80x750mm, Bolt 12mm X150mm 3 nos.

delineator post with Chain

AK 943L

Aktion delineator’s upper part is made up of HDPE material in red colour, base part made by high quality HDPE in black colour. Dimension :- 100mm X 1200mm

Aluminum rungs safety Rope Ladder
• Made out of very strong Nylon / PP rope 10 / 12mm with wooden / aluminum lugs 2.5cm to 3 cm.
• Non skid insert arrangement.
• Distance between the steps : 12″.
• Two loops with Hooks at the end.
• It is very safe to use while working at heights and doing maintenance work in the reactor or tank.
• Length of the ladder available as per user’s requirement.

Our plastic expandable barricade will redirect traffic in unsafe and risky conditions. The PVC Barricade is designed to warn and maintain a safe and friendly environment. It is a plastic, di-electric, and heat resistant barricade.

The expandable barricade is light, easy to store, maintenance free, and does not rust. Its’ durable material allows for a sturdy and lasting effect.

Length (open): 2.54m (100”)
Length (close): 10″
Height: 0.94m 3’1″ (37″)
Weight: 6.85kg.
Color: Yellow/Black with reflective adhesive strip on it, Yellow & White color.
Minimal assembly required, for additional weight can fill water.

Orange plastic Warning Barrier, Safety/security Fence PVC Barrier
Windbreak mesh is a high strength extruded plastic fencing mesh designed to offer essential protection for crops, nurseries, house farmed animals & gardens from destructive winds, driving rain and drifting snow. The Windbreak mesh should be erected by battening to wooden fence posts, or by battening to existing chain link fencing around sports grounds. Battening ensures that the forces exerted onto the wind break mesh filaments are spread evenly ensuring that the mesh will not tear. The windbreak mesh will offer maintenance free protection.
• Windbreaks fencing is manufactured from high density polyethylene
• The plastic mesh is UV stabilized and rot resistant

• Size: W- 2280 mm & H – 1428 mm
• Border: 8mm M. S. Bright Bar.
• Inside: 4mm M.S. Bright Bar.
• 18 Gauge M. S. Sheet
• Logo Printing
• Weight – 18 Kgs. Appx.